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Our Professional Protocol Services

All organizations could benefit from the professional services of a trained and experienced protocol expert or a fully-staffed protocol office, but most do not have the trained and experienced staff, or resources to establish this service in-house. Protocol Partners understands the importance of the tasks performed by experienced protocol experts, and our firm was created to offer these services on-demand to organizations in need the following:


  • Development of agendas, programs and itineraries 
  • Ceremony development
  • Guest list and RSVP management  
  • Drafting or review of invitations and printed programs 
  • Seating arrangements for meetings, summits, luncheons, dinners, daises, limousines and aircraft
  • Building and coordinate spouse/companion programs
  • Appropriate gift selection and exchange process 
  • Establish all greeting locations
  • Assist with introductions and forms of address
  • Establish order of precedence for all VIP guests
  • Forms of address for all correspondence
  • Set up of receiving lines
  • Draft and review appropriate language for toasts
  • Appropriate use of interpreters
  • Liaison support to calligrapher and other vendors
  • Key elements in business card protocol



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