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Protocol Consulation

Two of the most valuable assets in business today are civility and respect. Companies and organizations are more successful in selling, negotiating, communicating, and building business relationships when they operate in an environment where staff, clients, customers, visitors, vendors and industry colleagues feel welcome and respected. Protocol and cross-cultural intelligence are key elements in creating a productive environment, and Protocol Partners-Washington Center for Protocol can assist you and your organization to discover the power of protocol in your everyday operations and in planning special programs, preparing for distinguished visitors and expanding into international markets.

Protocol Partners’ consultants and trainers are available to work with our clients on retainer or on specific assignment to provide guidance and assistance with:

  • In-house protocol, business etiquette and cross-cultural training
  • Protocol needs assessment for in-house operations, customer service and distinguished visitor programs and events
  • Ceremony and event planning and coordination
  • On-site protocol management and temporary staffing
  • Recommending protocol resources
  • Preparation of country briefs prior to international travel and global expansion

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