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What Makes Us Unique

Unlike the majority of protocol firms and consultants, Protocol Partners provides services and expertise that extend far beyond packaged training and template protocol certification programs. Each of our programs and presentations is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and may include:

  • Protocol planning and on-site operations management of VIP visits, events, ceremonies, meetings and conferences
  • On-call protocol advice and resources
  • Temporary protocol staffing
  • In-house protocol support and tailored training
  • Protocol, business etiquette and cross-cultural seminars and workshops
  • Conference keynote presentations and workshops
  • Transportation planning and support

Our most valuable credential is the over 90 years of combined experience of our founding partners who have directed protocol offices and held leadership positions at the highest levels of the private sector, the military and the federal government. This experience, coupled with an extensive network of protocol associates and area specialists, gives our firm the unique ability to provide:

  • A creative, flexible and a la carte approach to delivering customized services, operations, resources and professional development training
  • Retainer protocol services and on-demand operations support and staffing
  • Seasoned protocol expertise with managing protocol and hospitality for heads of state, ambassadors and consular representatives, cabinet members or ministers, general officers, corporate CEOs, academic administrators, high-profile sports and entertainment personalities, and travel and hospitality professionals
  • Unparalleled protocol resources available to domestic and international corporations, non-profits organizations, government agencies, the military, embassies, universities, the travel and hospitality industry, the media and individuals
  • Expertise and ability to plan, coordinate and operate in any environment around the world: United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

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